Engine & CHP Water Cooling

Transtherm has a long and proven history of supplying air blast coolers on gas and diesel driven engine/genset applications throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. Hundreds of Transtherm units are operating for engine/genset cooling at landfill sites, hospitals, sewage treatment works, banks, power generation, retail developments, hotels, factories, marine applications etc.

A range of standardised products with a variety of noise levels and footprints is available which offer first class reliability and flexibility. Single, double and triple bank coolers are offered where different engine circuits are to be cooled simultaneously, (e.g. jacket, intercooler, lube oil etc.).

Stage control and energy saving inverter control panels can be supplied with individual circuit control to ensure that minimum parasitic loads are achieved.

Transtherm specialise in units for containerised sets and, where coolers are mounted on top of containers, we have unique options such as walkways and safety hand rails.

Where an additional water cooling circuit is required for absorption chillers on trigeneration projects, we recommend our TA range of adiabatic coolers. 

These highly evolved designs offer minimised water consumption and energy costs. Importantly, they have no need for chemical water treatment and are not governed by the UK’s Health & Safety Commission’s L8 document as, unlike evaporative cooling towers, they pose no risk of producing Legionella bacteria.

We are able to offer a single point of responsibility for any remote engine cooling application.

Transtherm Engine Cooling

Flexibility of design and the ability to customise coolers for individual applications is just one of Transtherm’s strengths within the power generation market.

  • Coolers with single, dual or triple circuit cooling coils
  • Different tube geometries are applied to satisfy varying water temperatures
  • A range of core materials is used to extend cooler life when units are sited in aggressive locations
  • To minimise parasitic loads, coolers can be supplied with 6, 8 or 10 pole fan motors, each capable of running in high speed (delta) or low speed (star)
  • To match cooler capacity as closely as possible to load, and to further reduce power consumption, Transtherm has developed advanced inverter control panels

Standard Specification
Fins: Aluminium
Tubes: Copper
Headers: Flanged PN16
Casing: Galvanised steel
Fan impeller: Plastic or aluminium
Fan motors: IP55- 2 speed and inverter control   
Unit Range: From 25kW upwards


  • Engine & CHP Cooling
    Engine & CHP Cooling